APCEIU and UNESCO Almaty Office launched the GCED Clearinghouse web site in Russian language

20 February 2019

The GCED Clearinghouse, a global database on GCED, was jointly set up by UNESCO and APCEIU to facilitate information sharing and enhance knowledge and understanding of GCED.

The GCED Clearinghouse is an information hub where people can find various GCED materials in an organized and clear manner. There is a wide range of information produced by international organizations, such as UN and UNESCO declarations and recommendations, policy papers and guidelines, conference proceedings and reports, scholarly articles, and teaching and learning materials. Although the Clearinghouse mainly serves as an online database for GCED resources, it also introduces up-todate news and events on GCED around the world and provides a list of organisations and programmes which might be of interest to users.

The database is intended for use by policymakers, education ministry officials, curriculum developers, researchers, educators, parents, learners as well as general public. GCED Clearinghouse provides a wide range of GCED resources from policies, case studies, teaching and learning materials, and journal articles, from all over the world.

The Clearinghouse database basically follows an online library style, but provides a list of categories far more detailed and focused than conventional libraries. Since the Clearinghouse is equipped with a highly subdivided and sophisticated search engine, users can easily refine their searches not only by typing in basic information such as title, author, year of publication, and keywords, but also by using advanced categories such as region/country, language, resource type, format, theme, and level of education. For instance, the user can learn about the main thematic areas of GCED by navigating the site with the category theme, which on its own can be subcategorised into sustainable development, international understanding, globalisation, inclusiveness, peace, and much more.

In order to increase the accessibility and availability of the GCED Clearinghouse to wider audiences, UNESCO and APCEIU launched Russian website and increased the number of resources in Russian language, adding to the existing multilingual resources.

UNESCO Almaty has been an active advocate of GCED with its commitment to the promotion of Culture of Peace and the extensive network within the Central Asian region. It is believed, therefore, that the collaboration between APCEIU and UNESCO Almaty Office will make an extensive contribution to achieving the mission of the GCED Clearinghouse, providing comprehensive data and information exchanges on GCED.
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