Educating audience in Uzbekistan: how journalism can counter myths and stigma on HIV and AIDS

22 May 2018

This is the second edition of revised, expanded and supplemented publication with recommendations for journalists on "HIV and AIDS: correct coverage in the media".

The media plays an important role in combating the spread of HIV by accurately informing the society about the development of the HIV epidemic, mobilizing public support for the protection of the rights of people living with HIV, reducing the scale and severity of stigmatization and discrimination against people living with HIV, and contributing to the successful implementation of preventive programmes.

Strengthening public-private partnerships with the media, fostering partnerships between the media and the community of people living with HIV are key to successful prevention of HIV and stigma against people affected by HIV.

Authors: Islamova, Lobar
Organization: UNESCO Office Tashkent
ISBN: 978-9943-4104-4-2

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