Sub-regional workshop on measuring learning outcomes and monitoring quality

21 June 2004

Sub-regional workshop on Monitoring of Learning Achievements and Evaluation was organized in Almaty, Kazakhstan (21-23 June,2004)
20 representatives of education systems of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan met in Almaty on three-days workshop to familiarize with the Monitoring Learning Achievements project for primary and secondary schools and to discuss its further implementation in the region. UNESCO International MLA Project Coordinator from UNESCO Headquarters (Paris) participated in the workshop.
As an outcome of the workshop the participants developed recomendations which will strengthen national monitoring cultures and education quality evaluation.

By the end of the third day, general recommendations from the workshop were finalized and approved by the workshop


  1. To inform respective Ministries of Education and EFA partners about the report and recommendations from this workshop.
  2. To present the report on implementation of the National Plans of Actions for EFA, especially implementation of Goal #6, during the Collegiate of the Ministries of Education.
  3. To request the Executive Committee of Education Forum CARK 2004 (Central Asia and the Republic of Kazakhstan) the following:
    3.1. to include discussion of implementation of Goal #6 into the Agenda, particularly implementation of Monitoring Learning Achievement (MLA);
    3.2. to create a Thematic Group on Evaluation of the Quality of Education;
    3.3. to dedicate the following Educational Forum CARK 2005 for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Education Quality and MLA.
  4. To include issues of monitoring and evaluation of education quality in the August Pedagogical Meetings and Decades.
  5. To reinforce the MLA organization and coordination as well as its partnership on the following stages:
    5.1. final report publishing and findings dissemination at least in three languages (National, Russian and English);
    5.2. more information for parents and all civil societies for their involvement into improvement of education quality;
    5.3. dissemination and accessibility of the project results through the MLA web-site;
    5.4. greater attention to issues of continuous data analysis and results dissemination;
  6. To suggest further implementation of MLA-1 and MLA-2 (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan) to the Ministries of Education and their partners through cost-sharing.
  7. To include subjects on monitoring and evaluation of learning achievements into the curriculums of pedagogical institutes and local professional training programs.
  8. To reinforce integration of state and NGO efforts in MLA projects, including implementation and financing, in order to strengthen national and regional capacity building in monitoring practices, which cover implementation and financing.
  9. To reinforce cooperation of education specialists, researchers and partners at all MLA stages.
  10. To suggest regular monitoring of education quality in the Activity Plans and Budgets of the respective Ministries of Education.
  11. To develop and provide MLA manuals and tools to improve the project quality in the region.
  12. To conduct the MLA-1 and MLA-2 regularly and periodically for synchronizing and generalizing regional results.
  13. To increase technical, consultative and other supports during implementation of MLA-1 and MLA-2.
  14. To continue including gender aspect during all MLA stages for equal access to education quality for boys and girls.
  15. To organize trainings and regular exchange meetings for educational communities at all levels, researchers and NGOs as base for regional capacity building in monitoring and MLA.
  16. To consider implementing MLA-1and MLA-2 simultaneously in the future for rationalized budget spending.

Participants of the Workshop
23 June 2004

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