Teaching Tolerance and Peacebuilding through Community Learning Centres

8 October 2014

Series of training workshops for promotion of tolerance and peacebuilding education for representatives of Community Learning Centres (CLC) organized in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Within the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office programmes, in early 2000 CLCs were established in some rural areas of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to facilitate non-formal education and adult education.

The main goal of the training workshops in Almaty was to strengthen focus on CLC activities for children, youth, parents and adults to cultivate tolerant behavior. The main idea was to train CLC facilitators and managers to conduct trainings for parents and other interested people. As a result a training package with recommendations for CLC facilitators and managers has been developed.

During the workshops the participants shared and discussed interesting information and practices from their local experiences. Besides, the participants have identified strong and weak issues during implementing pilot trainings.

In Kyrgyzstan training workshops were organized for representatives of CLCs in Osh and Saruu village. The main topic of the workshops was development of mediation skills for conflict resolution. The trainings were organized for rural teachers, students, youth and representatives of local NGOs

All participants of training workshops in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan expressed their interest and timely necessity of trainings and requested follow up activities to promote peacebuilding education through non-formal settings.

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