Training course "Envisaging supportive legal and public environment to effective HIV/AIDS counteracting"

15 March 2004

Course is going in framework of activity: Raising awareness and promoting change in attitudes and behaviors, within the project called “Strengthening Technical Capacities of Policy Makers, Professionals and NGOs from Central Asian Countries to Implement key activities on HIV/AIDS Combat through series of workshops” and under UNAIDS PAF funds, UNESCO Almaty office in cooperation with UNAIDS regional office.
Objective: To build regional partnership and common understanding of the policies and practices aimed at defending human rights and decrease vulnerability as an essential tool to defeat the epidemic.

Key items of the agenda: How can legislation and regulations support or conflict with the goal of slowing down the HIV/AIDS epidemic
Participants: Delegations from 5 Central Asian countries consist of Representatives of governmental justice, Interior, Education and health sectors training institutions, journalists and local NGOs.

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