UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan request for proposal development and preparation of Renewable Energy Sector training course for decision makers in the area of Renewable Energy

31 January 2011

In the end of 2010 UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office in cooperation with Islamic Education, Science and Culture Organization (ISESCO), organized sub-regional meeting of the experts on development of renewable energy sources (RES) in Central Asia. Representatives of all leading Universities, Scientific-Research Institutes, NGOs and businesses community of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan working in the subject area actively participated in the discussion on development of RES.

After discussing the issues of improving educational, scientific and cultural aspects of renewable energy as a necessary and integral component of sustainable development in the 21 century, the experts have provided their recommendations. Specifically, it was underlined that the awareness of population and decision makers in development and promotion of clean energy through RES as well as development of new comprehensive educational e-courses on Renewable Energy Sector for the different target groups are very important.

Scientific, educational institutions and legal entities (NGO etc.) experienced in the given area and their consortiums from Cluster member countries are eligible for submitting their proposal for subject project.

The work will include:
  • creation of experts group from Cluster member countries;br>
  • collection and review of educational materials on RES that are currently in use in Cluster countries;
  • preparation of the syllabus and outline for Renewable Energy e-course for decision makers;
  • development and preparation of Renewable Energy Sector training course for decision makers.

Prepared syllabus of the course must be submitted to all stakeholders for their review and concurrence.

Prepared materials must include case studies for RES in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Up on completion UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office will place all materials on its internet site and distribute among interested institutions.

Duration of works: MarchNovember, 2011.

Final version of the course materials have to be submitted to UNESCO in e-format (.PDF), in the form of lectures/presentations, case studies, tutorials and test-questions for getting the Certificate.

Entities interested in implementation of the subject project have to submit their proposal which will include the following:
  • Short description of the proposed methodology;
  • CVs of proposed staff, including previous experience in preparation of educational projects;
  • Estimated budget in $US.

Proposal must be submitted by COB February 15, 2011 to the Natural Sciences Sector of UNESCO Almaty Office: Mr. Simon Sargsyan Ms. Yelena Yerzakovich with subject Renewable Energy educational course for decision makers. Additional information could be obtained by tel: + 727 2582643 (ext. 1424 or 1414).

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