UNESCO Supported the Youth-led Action to Improve Mental Health of Central Asian Youth in the Times of Pandemic

8 November 2021

From 3 to 6 November 2021 UNESCO in cooperation with youth-led initiative group ZESEKU organized the online sessions to improve mental health of young people from the Central Asian countries and Russia.

114 young people registered for the event and took part in an online survey to reveal the main mental difficulties they are facing in the time of the COVID-19 crisis. 73% of the respondents were females and 27% males.

Their geographical position was the following:

Kazakhstan 42,7%
Kyrgyzstan 42,9%
Tajikistan 5%
Uzbekistan 4%
Russian Federation 5.4%

All youth respondents had to answer the question with multiple answers: Are you currently facing mental health problems?

Their answers were structured as below:

The most common problem was associated with youth anxiety 74,4% of respondents mentioned this as their main mental health problem at the moment. 60,7% of young people selected stress and 46,2% chose grief as consequences of the self-isolation and distance learning during the health crisis. Depression is a similar problem for 37,6 % of youth respondents. Other two mental health issues were related to panic attacks (23,1%) and phobia (22,2%).

During a three-day online mental health course, around 50 young people from the sub-region improved their skills to overcome negative consequences pandemic has caused on them, mainly were engaged in the sessions with the experienced psychologist, Ms. Olga Solonenko:

- Living in isolation and its psychological consequences
- Psychological difficulties due to distance learning
- Gender gap and gender-based violence amid pandemic

As a result of this initiative, young people knew about the root causes of mental health issues and possible ways to resolve them without a negative impact on their personality or their closest ones.

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