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15 August 2017 Success story of education in Tajikistan
26 July 2017 Experts from Central Asian countries met in Almaty to learn more about the diversity of cultural expression
25 July 2017 Meeting of the biosphere reserves around the Caspian Sea is taking place in Tehran
21 July 2017 Mobilizing UNESCO Chairs in the Natural Sciences for Policy Action towards the 2030 Agenda
21 July 2017 National Memory of the World Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2017
20 July 2017 V Summer School "Media and information literacy: a New paradigm of intercultural dialogue"
7 July 2017 UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education. Reopening the platform for an additional two weeks, from 10 to 21 July 2017
3 July 2017 Sub-regional Conference “Strengthening the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Central Asia” in focus of the 1954 and 1970 UNESCO Conventions
2 July 2017 International Literary Biennale held in the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan
29 June 2017 “II UNESCO Clubs Academy of Creative education” was held in Almaty in the framework of the Year of Youth
16 June 2017 Altyn Emel and Karatau are included in UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves
16 June 2017 41st Session of the World Heritage Committee will Meet in Krakow, Poland, from 2 to 12 July 2017
14 June 2017 The winners of the Art Project “Youth – Future Energy” was announced in Astana
12 June 2017 UNESCO takes part in the EXPO-2017 “Future Energy”
2 June 2017 5 June - World Environment Day