#WomenRendezvous: A Success Story of Cooperation with Media to Shed Light on the Achievement of Women in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

24 June 2020

As part of the responses to the COVID-19, the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office in partnership with TheOpenAsia.net media portal launched a #WomenRendezvous online campaign in Central Asia to take a look at female’s role in the fight against COVID-19.

Women and girls make essential contributions as frontline responders, especially during emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the recognized social roles of female is main caregivers in their homes and communities. However, in this time of crisis, they bear more brunt of disproportionate care burdens, and interruptions in income and education. The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 is exacerbating this pre-existing inequalities, exposing vulnerabilities in social, political and economic systems. In this regard, UN organizations and most member states are taking action to tackle the specific impact of this pandemic on women’s and girls’ rights.

As part of the responses to the COVID-19, the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office in partnership with TheOpenAsia.net media portal launched a #WomenRendezvous online campaign in Central Asia to take a look at female’s role in the fight against COVID-19, which attracted around 300 000 people. With the support of several women and girls who are leading and participating the battle against the negative consequences of crisis, we share their stores and perspectives.

Komilova Munavvar Boyboboevna: "If we fight together, we will defeat this disease".

Dr.Komilova (third person from the left) ©UNESCO Almaty

Dr.Komilova is a front-line family doctor with 30 years of experience and worked as a primary care physician at Leilek FMC in Isfana. Dr. Komilova said that health workers have a high risk of contracting the disease every day, but they get great comfort from helping people overcome the disease, and their efforts are appreciated by the entire society. She is both a doctor, wife and mother, and she has unconditional support from her family to help balance work and family. She believes that “to be successful, a person must understand the degree of responsibility for their relationship with family, her husband, children, relatives and work”.

Kristine Tovmasyan: "The pandemic brought people and entire countries closer together".

Kristine Tovmasyan ©UNESCO Almaty

Mrs. Tovmasyan is an international specialist in Natural Sciences at the UNESCO Almaty Office, and the mother of three children. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, she has been working with the UNESCO team to promote the exchange of scientific data and technical information through dialogue and platform creation. She mentioned: "In the recovery phase, we will focus on strengthening the resilience of the people and living in harmony with nature in order to overcome possible future crises." Regarding the time of quarantine at home with her family, Mrs. Tovmasyan mentioned that it is very important to spend quality time with family members, and maintain a positive attitude and optimistic mind in this uncertain situation.

Aisulu Yerniyazova: "COVID-19 revealed many problems, especially related to the gender issues".

Aisulu Yerniyazova ©UNESCO Almaty

Aisulu Yerniyazova is the chairman of the “League of Volunteers of Kazakhstan”, member of the Youth Policy Council under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, also a member of the Republican Political Council of the Nur Otan Party. She emphasized that the pandemic restricts communication, but has introduced voluntary services to make people realize that communication can be achieved through online platforms and mutual assistance. However, she is concerned that the quarantine also exposes some potential social problems, such as domestic violence against young women and girls, which should attract more attention.

Adel Orazalinova: "Quarantine - is a time to do something good".

Adel Orazalinova(person in the bottom middle) ©UNESCO Almaty

Adel is a TV presenter, volunteer and civic activist. As a volunteer, she has to solve difficult logistics problems complicated by the quarantine regime. As a mother and wife, she set a specific daily routine and distributed responsibilities among family members in order to maintain communication and manage time effectively. As a leader in her company, she is trying to take a huge responsibility to ensure employee’s safety and well-being. Working on balancing her career and family, Adel said “people should stay calm, do good and monitor their health. Without illness, people contribute to the victory over the pandemic, as they stay at home and do not increase the amount of work for themselves, and for doctors.”

Alyona Alfyorova: "No youth should be left behind".

Alyona Alfyorova ©UNESCO Almaty

Alyona Alfyorova is a senior lecturer in the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Almaty Management University. Since implementing distance learning, she has held workshops with qualified speakers from various fields so that “young people will not lose knowledge and miss more opportunities than before the pandemic”. In addition to her passion to youth education, Alyona has also been devoting to perform her role as wife, mother and caregiver, make sure a sustainable development and a quality life in the family during this crisis.


Women are the pioneers of nation, the varieties role of women assume in the society are those of wife, mother, employer, and employee. However, for the first time in modern history, three of major institutions-work, school and family life are all happening in one physical place: our home.

The sudden shift due to the COVID-19 has a greater effect on women than men, as they may experience conflict between the demands of work and the demands of family. Therefore, in order to drive a better outcomes for all, it is important to support female in all aspects to place us back a footing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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