YouthMobile Questionnaire

26 January 2015

UNESCO Almaty Office in the framework of the YouthMobile initiative conducted anonymous and secure questionnaire to determine the priorities for youth initiatives in the field of mobile Information and Communication Technologies from 26 January 2015 till 1 March 2015.

I invite organisations to take part in the UNESCO survey, it will help us to know the small business and young people self-employment capacities, through self-development and implementation of intelligent mobile applications.

Serguei Lazarev, Director UNESCO Office Almaty

The YouthMobile initiative empowered youth to resolve identified local issues of sustainable development to reduce chronic youth unemployment through the sale of smart mobile applications and formation of small businesses. The overarching objective was to have impacted at least 25,000 young people worldwide, particularly young women, with the skills to develop, promote, and sell at least 5,000 locally relevant mobile applications by 2017.

The initiative was based on the international experience of many projects that introduce young people to computer science (software development), problem solving (programming development). It also aimed to show young people that this computing power can be used to directly meet their personal problems or problems faced by their communities. Eventually, a group of young people could create a business or demonstrate the application of ICT skills for employment at the local, national or international markets.

Promotional video about YouthMobile initiative.

If your organization is interested to organize YouthMobile training, kindly submit the contact details and available resources here.

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